Things That Happened To The Body After Death


Things That Happened To The Body After Death – Everyone will surely meet death one day. Can it be now, tomorrow, next week or next year. What makes many people curious is, what will happen to the body after someone dies or dies? Surely there are many things that will happen, what are they? here we have summarized it for you to witness among them.


Nothing will be eternal in the world, including the dead human body. Even though it’s dead, the body won’t die immediately. Slowly but surely, the system in the body will stop working. The brain dies, the heart stops pumping blood, the muscles relax and so on. After all is dead, just waiting for time, the body will rot.

Yes, the body will rot slowly. This decay occurs Daftar Taruhan Basket with the help of bacteria in the human body. The immune system in the body that doesn’t work will make the bacteria in the body grow uncontrolled, eating the body from the inside. Only parts of the bone that take longer to completely disintegrate.

The Body Removes Soil Fertilizers

One way that plants can thrive is by giving them fertilizer and diligently watering them. Speaking of fertilizer, the human body can also be a fertilizer that can make plants grow at dawn. Yes, but no company wants to be a human being into a fertilizer product right?

After the body undergoes a decay process, the body will release or more precisely turn into a fertilizer that is a good nutrient for the plants around them. This nutrient will be a driving force for plants to thrive. So do not be surprised if there are many wild plants that grow around the cemetery.

Skin Turns to Purple

Until now, there are still many people who believe that people have died, their color will turn pale, pale like a ghost. This is not entirely true, nor is it wrong. One thing that is certain to happen is that the color of the body will change, but what color changes, it contains situations and conditions.

Not all body colors will turn pale. Parts of the body that are facing up may turn pale, but the bottom does not. The lower body, the color will turn purple. This happens because the heart stops pumping blood, and blood will gather in the body facing down. The term is livor mortis.

Twitching body

If you first see a person who has just died, whether it’s an accident or something, don’t be surprised if you see a twitching part of his body. Legs, face or hands may twitch even though they have died. Why can this happen? Everything has an explanation.

You need to know, death is not an instant thing. Although a person is declared lifeless, it takes time for the process that is still running in the body to stop. The brain is a part of the body that controls the nervous system in the body. When the brain dies, the brain cannot control the nervous system, causing the body to twitch. The twitch is also random.

Bacteria in the intestine multiply

Do you feel your body is clean of bacteria? Try to think again. In the human intestine, many bacteria live. Do not immediately assume this bacteria is evil, useless, and must be turned off. It is precisely with the help of these bacteria that food in our digestion can be destroyed. As long as we live, our immune system keeps the bacteria in the intestine from multiplying.

If someone dies, the system in the body will also stop slowly, including our immune system. When the immune system is no longer working, there is no more controlling the amount of bacteria in the intestine. As a result, bacteria multiply freely and will gnaw the body from within.


Maybe there are those of you who don’t believe this, how can someone who is lifeless be able to let out a moan? He should be dead, there is no way to moan, is that a ghost? No, not a ghost, but indeed after a person dies, there is a possibility that he will make a groan.

The human body is like a prison. After someone dies, air and other gases trapped in the body will come out. Some of this air will come out and pass through the vocal cords. This is what causes people who have died can groan or snore. Can you imagine when you worked in the morgue, when you were checking one of the corpses, the corpse sounded a groan or snore.

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